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Eco-craft is at the forefront of Nutrient Removal Technology. We use low-input tech combined with selected plant species to improve the quality of your waterways. We focus on the Visual & Functional aspects of design to completely transform your water body.

How Do We Help

Floating wetlands remove Nitrogen and Phosphorous from the water, making them unavailable to harmful organisms that create algal blooms, bad odours,

bathers-itch and, waterbird and fish deaths.


Correctly used, they return the waterborne nutrients to normal levels which then enables the natural systems to become

re-established. Not only nutrients, they also remove harmful metals, all through natural processes - no chemicals or energy inputs required.

our Focus

Our focus is on bringing together human and ecological needs while delivering intelligent, attractive and efficient solutions.



Eco-craft designs offer an opportunity for all customers. Our designs incorporate functional, visual and ecological aspects.






Perth, Western Australia. 6000 

Tel: (+61) 0427 390 218



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