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The Living Shapes Series provide nutrient removal in stylish shapes that enable the customer to create a unique, customised and artistic installation. The Living Shapes Series is available in a range of shapes, sizes and configurations. The combination of shapes, sizes and configurations mean an infinite number of personal variations is possible.


The rafts are available in;

  • Hexagonal

  • Circle 

  • Square and

  • Lily shapes


Square Rafts Helter Skelter Website.jpg
Square Rafts - Helter Skelter Arrangement
Square Rafts Diamond Website.jpg
Square Rafts - 3 Raft Diamond Arrangement
Hexagon Floral_Website_1.jpg
Hexagonal Rafts - floral arrangement
Hexagonal Rafts - Helter Skelter Arrangement
Hexagonal Rafts - Helter Skelter Arrangement
Lily 4.8m Website.jpg
Lily Rafts - Three Leaf Arrangement

*The configurations are limited only by the imagination.


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