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waterbirds and ouR

The very first day we put an Island in the water we realised how important they were to the waterbirds. Within minutes of planting the first seedling, a Dusky Moorhen jumped onto the raft and started exploring. That same raft, some 6 months later, became home to a nesting pair of Black Swans. They pushed the plants down to form a nest and successfully raised 5 Cygnets.  The plants eventually grew back, ready for the next breeding season. 

Swan and Cygnets.jpg
Moorhen on Raft 2.jpg
Moorhen on Raft 1.jpg
Swan Family_Diving.jpg

Finding a safe place to create a nest, sleep and raise young is getting harder for waterbirds in the big cities. We love the sight of ducks and swans on our lakes and ponds, especially when accompanied by a flotilla of fluffy babies. Our rafts provide exactly this safe haven and our nesting rafts provide a secure home, year after year.

It wasn't just the big birds, it was all the waterbirds. We have had Eurasian Coots, Back Ducks and Hardheads (seen below) nesting on our rafts. The Hardhead below shows that safe breeding sites are so important that the birds often don't even wait for the plants to become fully grown. 

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