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High Buoyancy:

The NR Series Islands have a high reserve buoyancy and can easily support an average male without tipping or sinking.  The extra buoyancy allows the Islands to be located in areas of high wash (boat wake) activity, wind waves and low flow rates. The Islands can be easily moved around once on the water which allows for easy positioning and re-positioning.


Remove and Re-use:

Their durable construction allows the Islands to be removed from the water without damage. This enables the manager to remove the rafts as often as required and for any range of reasons such as; a flood event is pending, to perform safe and efficient maintenance or to move to a new lake as the Island has performed its job. In Australia, many lakes are seasonal and rafts can be moved to permanent lakes/ ponds until the water returns.


Easy to Install:

Once the anchor blocks are positioned, the Islands are easily and quickly hitched or unhitched.

Swan and Cygnets.jpg

The Nutrient Removal Series are the workhorses in the Eco-craft fleet. Constructed out of highly durable HDPE and aluminium, they are designed to be deployed into tough and difficult to access environments and provide years of trouble-free service.


Designed to solve a problem


The NR Series is designed to meet the requirements of the real world.  Natural water bodies are all different; they can be difficult to access, they dry out - then flood, are a still pond one day then a raging torrent the next.  The NR Series meets the continually changing requirements with the following design strategies:


Tough, Durable Materials: 

HDPE and aluminium construction means the Islands can easily cope with the rough handling required to put them in difficult sites and then last for years once established. The Islands can be removed and relocated if required, allowing for more efficient use of Management budgets.


Salt Proof:

Specifically designed for use in water bodies with elevated salinity.  Combined with estuarine or salt tolerant plant species it is a valuable tool for nutrient management in estuaries.

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