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Keeping Health and Safety at the Fore;

In 2020, the City of Subiaco approached Eco-craft to build and install a Circular Island, but with the capacity to be pulled to shore.  The idea was a brilliant one as it meant that periodic maintenance could be performed without using a boat, thereby removing the safety risks associated with working over water. Maintenance is more cost efficient as the workers are standing next to the island, not leaning out of a boat.


On its way in, the island is easy to pull in by 1 person.

Eco-craft designed a simple, low maintenance and durable mooring system that enables the maintenance team to pull the island from the shore. Once the maintenance is complete, the island is simply returned to its position.

The rope, though visible when new, will quickly take on the colour of the lake bottom and become invisible.


Almost there, once ashore, maintenance acitivities can safely commence.

The retractable mooring concept fits beautifully with the smaller size of many urban lakes. The shorter distance to the islands reduces the likelihood of snagging on underwater objects. Urban lakes receive a lot of human interest and the retractable mooring enables islands to be maintained frequently


On its way out... the island position along the line can be changed to suit.

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