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Mobile Floating Wetlands are a great solution for Environmental Managers that need to manage specific issues in their lakes or ponds. The Rafts can be relocated easily via road transport from lake to lake, ensuring they are put where most needed.

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Algal Blooms, Summer Storm Events:

Healthy waterbodies can become unhealthy following a Storm event (such as a Summer Thunderstorm) that washes an excess of nutrients into the lake. Eco-craft Floating Wetlands can be quickly deployed to provide short term nutrient removal and removed once the problem is solved.

Seasonal Waterbodies:

Many of our ponds, lakes and waterways are seasonal, which means they either dry up completely or become very shallow. Yet, the water can still be affected by excess nutrients, becoming more concentrated as the lake dries up, causing algal blooms, fish and bird deaths. Or the area can have very little safe habitat for breeding or roosting birds.

Eco-craft Floating Wetlands can be installed while water levels are high, removing nutrients and providing nesting habitat. When water levels drop and/ or the breeding season is over, the Floating Westlands can be removed to permanent water.

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