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City of South Perth

Leaders in the Environmental Field;

In 2019, the City of South Perth approached Eco-craft to build and install a Nesting Island, making them, to our knowledge, the first Local Government in WA to install floating nest habitat.

The Nesting Island has three raised platforms to provide a permanent, dry area for the birds to build nests on. The platforms are set in the centre of the Island so that eventually, the plants will grow around the nest area, providing cover and seclusion.

The Council had the great idea of adding ramps to each nesting site, to help the young birds get back to the safety of the nest.

South Perth Nest Final touches.jpg

The bird nets came off on September 28, 2020. It's early days yet, the plants will grow another 50cm, hiding the floatation tubes of the Island in the process.

We missed the breeding 2020 season. The birds had already built nests elsewhere and were either raising chicks or sitting on eggs. Looking forward to the 2021 season! 

The Islands were launched in March 2020. The plants grew well, however, a little slow due to cold winter water.

South Perth Nest  -final.jpg
South Perth_Nest_001.jpg
South Perth Nest initial.jpg
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